Sekkaku Cheat wo Moratte Isekai ni Teni shita n dakara, Suki na you ni Ikitemitai 4.3

Sekkaku Cheat Wo Moratte Isekai Ni Teni Shita N Dakara, Suki Na You Ni Ikitemitai

Chapter 17.5

6,403,965 Aug 12,20 Munmun, Butcha U

An official manga adaption by Butcha-U of a Light Novel by Munmun with Character Designs by Mizuryu Kei. The 30-year-old office worker Satou Tarou accidentally dies and gets transferred into another world by god. After receiving a curing cheat ability, Satou Taro changes his name into Tauro and begins a fresh life
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Googookaka 4.8


Chapter 11: The Flower Tribe

653,268 Aug 12,20 Haeni

The struggle bus life of the hot Cheongdam girl Ina who got transported to the primitive era
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Houkago, Koishita 4.6

Houkago, Koishita

Vol.7 Chapter 28: I Will Not Hesitate Anymore

1,313,808 Aug 12,20 Mitsui Haruka

From MAL: Hayama Kao yearns for an existence that would make people notice her. Now in high school, she is working as a temporary manager of her school's boys volleyball club against her will. Kao's older brother, an alumnus, currently a teacher and the advisor of the club, placed the responsibility on her shoulders to recruit Kuze Nagisa for the volleyball club if she wanted to quit being the ma
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My Girlfriend is a Villain 4.4

My Girlfriend Is A Villain

Chapter 53: Special Treatment Comes At A Price

6,139,533 Aug 12,20 七号电池 \ 汐墨 \ 星空社

Zhang Nan, the young master of the declining Fu Long Clan just wants to be a normal person, but he is sent to an aristocratic training school by his grandfather. He is accidentally assigned to a female class by the teacher, and is tormented by his female peers to the point where he wants to leave school...
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Villain initialization 4.7

Villain Initialization

Chapter 17

840,963 Aug 12,20 CuZn Moyou Tangman Culture

Ling Chen lived as a villain for 35 years, but in the final battle with the hero Ye Muxue, he "initialized" reset-reborn back to 17! what? Do you think he wants to be human again? Less talk! Of course, it's time to kill Ye Mu, who wasn't super powered at that time!
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Charming Grim Reaper 4.5

Charming Grim Reaper

Chapter 14

276,397 Aug 12,20 Sa Ji hyun, Hee Eol Ri

I, Han Ji-An, am already struggling as a no-name actress. To make matters worse, I ended up falling down the stairs and dying because of superstar Ji So-Won’s fanclub. However, in reality, Ji So-Won is a grim reaper trying to take me to the afterlife!? That can't possibly be true!? I’m not ready to leave this life. No. It shouldn't be me!
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Chitose etc. 4.3

Chitose Etc.

Chapter 28

304,403 Aug 12,20 Yoshizumi Wataru

Chitose is a high school student who lives in Okinawa, so what will she do, when she falls in love with a student from Tokyo, Koushu…? Even if my love is one sided, “I’ll transfer to Tokyo,” so she leaves Okinawa for Tokyo. Chitose, don’t you think love is naturally mutual?! after all he has got a girlfriend!
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Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha 4.9

Nozomanu Fushi No Boukensha

Vol.6 Chapter 28: Magic Tools

8,876,230 Aug 12,20 Okano yuu

The protagonist was an eternal copper rank adventurer of frontier area, Lent. He’s unlucky as he meet a powerful monster inside of the labyrinth, got defeated, and when he noticed, he already became a bone man《Skeleton》. Agonizing since he can’t enter the town with his current condition, he’s recalling about the existence of monster evolution, with a goal to gain a body with muscle, he defeats the
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I'm An Evil God 4.8

I'm An Evil God

Chapter 67: Lady Ghosts, Come Aid Me With My Cultivation!

5,283,404 Aug 12,20 Shidai man wang

Across the realms, is the manliest and most handsome evil god in history! The peerless beautiful man Xie Yan crossed over and fell into the vixen’s lair. In order not to be drained of his entire life-force, he travels between various realms, cuts down a son of god, and repels the confederacy Yang Yi… This is the story of how he eventually be
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Silver Plan to Redo From JK 4.8

Silver Plan To Redo From Jk

Chapter 9: Only One Thing

286,150 Aug 12,20 Im Dal-Young

Her grandfather is a politician, and her father is a real estate owner. Ninomiya Sayuri is an arrogant young lady who had the culmination of power and wealth during the bubble period. However, it all came down together with the collapse of the bubble. Eventually, she became a middle-aged homeless person. One day, a delinquent threw a rock aimed at her. Just when Sayu
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The emperor is afraid that the princess will have the world 4.5

The Emperor Is Afraid That The Princess Will Have The World

Chapter 35

582,720 Aug 12,20 Golden Orange Anime ThermalTake Comics

The modern female killer is updated every Tuesday and Friday. She was framed by girlfriends during an assassination mission and accidentally crossed the ancient court to become the princess. Ke Fujun is a cowardly prince, watching how a generation of princesses counterattacked the court and became a generation of empress....
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Legend of Phoenix 4.6

Legend Of Phoenix

Chapter 92

6,345,892 Aug 12,20 Yun Tian Kong

Orignial Comic:
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Exclusive Possession of Your Heart 2.3

Exclusive Possession Of Your Heart

Chapter 98

408,534 Aug 12,20 Cloud Studio,Sihai

I am imprisoned. The fiancé of my heart donor locked me up, saying that this heart belongs to him and that I must live in his dead fiancée’s stead… By “live in his dead fiancée’s stead” he means me to act like her, talk like her, dress like her, and think like her, as if I am just a manipulatable doll, a soulless shell, a vessel for another woman’s heart. You m
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The Ghostly Doctor 1781.6

The Ghostly Doctor

Chapter 260

20,684,666 Aug 12,20 Yuan man dongman

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to return to her family, she abandoned them, but, if she doesn’t take revenge on those who caused her harm, will she be worthy of the title "The
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Last Word of the World 4.5

Last Word Of The World

Chapter 27

40,967 Aug 12,20 Chen xi

In the future world, civilization has crumbled due to an experiment gone awry, most of the world has descended into tribes and factions, the people have also been divided into two types: Cyborgs, a combination of the human body and mechanical parts, the other type are Beast Spirits, a combination of human and animal DNA. Hei Tong Shi is a cyborg, who wanders between cyborgs and Beast Spirits, he f
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Planet Nya Nya Nya~ 4.6

Planet Nya Nya Nya~

Chapter 26

18,775 Aug 12,20 Dalsup son

A human documentary about cat butlers that appeared out of nowhere. From the creator of “The Daily Lives of Us Siblings”.
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Spirit Fingers 4.6

Spirit Fingers

Chapter 126

1,656,130 Aug 12,20 Han Gyeong Chal

​An ordinary girl... joins an extraordinary drawing club?! A story of finding one's true colors.
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Let's Play (Mongie) 4.2

Let's Play (Mongie)

Chapter 130

1,829,882 Aug 12,20 Mongie

Sam wants to be a game developer, but before her career can get started, a popular gaming personality posts a video of himself playing her first game and gives it a bad review. To make matters worse, she soon finds out he's her new neighbor! A story about gaming, memes, and social anxiety. Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.
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Winter Moon 4

Winter Moon

Chapter 361

4,916,380 Aug 12,20 R. Merryweather

A homosexual sorceror and a seductive priestess cross paths in an Online RPG.
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Mind-Reading Princess 4.4

Mind-Reading Princess

Chapter 86

2,054,998 Aug 12,20 MiFengPink

Used, betrayed, and tortured by her husband and sister, she died in despair, wondering why she couldn’t have seen though them earlier? Maybe God heard her question and turned back the clock. She woke up on the morning of her wedding and found herself able to read people’s mind. However, there’s this Prince who’s immune to her ability. What is he thinking? Will he undermine
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Warm Wedding 4.3

Warm Wedding

Chapter 281

6,778,536 Aug 12,20 iCiyuan

To pay the benefit, Charlotte married into Fan family. She believed that her husband is Shine Fan, who were seriously burnt and isolated in special care. But as time went on, she found that Ron Fan, the brother of Shine, are acting strangely towards her…
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Mr. Darcy Next Door 3.9

Mr. Darcy Next Door

Chapter 73

863,626 Aug 12,20 Yoolook Culture

“You are born to be his bride. Once you marry him, our family business can secure the biggest support.” That’s what I’ve been told and instructed to do growing up. I feel like a prisoner of my family. Everything is suffocating! Fine, just lock up my feelings and consider my marriage as pure business—I will like whatever he likes, wear whatever he prefers, and behave w
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Idol is a God 4.1

Idol Is A God

Chapter 2

567 Aug 12,20 Bu Dui Huo Guo

With the constant development of technology on Earth, people no longer need to worship the weather Gods. Because of this, the Rain God, Yushi’s, power starts disappearing. He decides to venture onto Earth under the name “Shiyu” in order to restore his power. Soon scouted by an evil boss into a near-bankrupt entertainment company. Shiyu is sent to participate in the show “I
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