Yancha Gal no Anjou-san 4.7

Yancha Gal No Anjou-San

Vol.7 Chapter 79: Anjou-San Is Sleepy

12,521,938 Jan 26,21 Katou Yuuichi

Seto is a serious kid who leads a quiet High-school life, until he starts to get teased by resident Gal Anjo.
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The Undying Engagement Seal of the Doomed Witch and The Young Master Who Leapt Through Time 4.8

The Undying Engagement Seal Of The Doomed Witch And The Young Master Who Leapt Through Time

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5: Extra

251,070 Jan 26,21 Azuya Chitose

Michela is a 13-year-old student at the Clausura Academy of Magic and Sorcery, a school for magic-holders aspiring to become “Wizards”. Unfortunately, she lacks even the most basic control over her powers, with all her attempts at spell-casting inadvertently ending up in explosions. One day, Michela sets off a particularly nasty explosion that stood to consume anything and everyt
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Sore wa rei no Shiwaza desu 4.8

Sore Wa Rei No Shiwaza Desu

Chapter 19.5: Announcing The Release Of Volume 2!

833,755 Jan 26,21 Noise

My name is Torii Nozomu, a plain, inconspicuous, introvert. Then a new transfer student, Kirishima Kyoko, came to sit next to me. She's cute, kind, and for some reason, she proactively talks to me, even though I'm a a nerd! A true saint.  ...But I want to get involved with her as little as possible. It's because she's haunted by a "ghost" that onl
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Arknights Comic Anthology 4.4

Arknights Comic Anthology

Vol.2 Chapter 14: Napping Advice

10,033 Jan 26,21 Anthology

Short comics from the official Arknights manga anthologies, based off the game of the same name.
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My Recently Hired Maid Is Suspicious 4.8

My Recently Hired Maid Is Suspicious

Chapter 25

2,204,940 Jan 26,21 Wakame Konbu

Short stories about a young boy and his newly hired maid.
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A Pervert in Love is a Demon. 4.1

A Pervert In Love Is A Demon.

Chapter 17: Christmas (2)

287,566 Jan 26,21 Sora Sakimoto

Chizuru is your typical shrine maiden high schooler living in a shinto shrine. One day, her friend, Aki asked her to do an exorcism for her but since Chizuru couldn't do it, they decided to ask the help of their attractive senior, Asakura, who's said to be able to do exorcisms. However, Asakura has an unbelievable fetish! In addition, Asakura's classmate, Suyazaki, is just as much of a
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A Story About a Man and a Woman and When They Sleep Together, Money Appears Out of Nowhere 4.8

A Story About A Man And A Woman And When They Sleep Together, Money Appears Out Of Nowhere

Chapter 11

77,306 Jan 26,21 Tokiwa

Money will spring?! A pure comedy open love comedy! A boy with a blunt but gentle heart, Aki, and a warm girl, Haru. When two poor college students flirt, they get money for some reason...? A comedy that aims to be a flirt while pretending to be "for money" while keeping their love for each other!
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Girl's World 4.3

Girl's World

Chapter 242: 242 - Part 2.28

1,612,705 Jan 26,21 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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English XX Sensei (Temporary) 4.3

English Xx Sensei (Temporary)

Chapter 5

98,056 Jan 26,21 Nishiwatari Maki

Because of our teacher, English class won't start. The reasons being: 1. She's uselessly sexy! 2. She can't read the mood! 3. She's excessively clumsy! The lesson always derails, but even so she doesn't give in. A sexy comedy where English is learned through the body.
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The Chronicle Of Teenage Boys 3.4

The Chronicle Of Teenage Boys

Chapter 13

99,531 Jan 26,21 Da Le Ge Yu

Ele, que é inocente e tímido, começou a desenvolver sentimentos pelo representante de sua classe, mas o representante tem suas emoções em altos e baixos! Ah, será que na primeira primavera de sua vida, poderá dar frutos? Nt. Essa história é dividida em duas etapas: eles jovens e a idade adulta.
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Onee-chan ga Kita 4.7

Onee-Chan Ga Kita

Chapter 32

352,174 Jan 26,21 Anzai Rikou

From ANN: The story revolves around Tomoya Mizuhara, a 13-year-old boy who suddenly gains a big sister when his father remarries. 17-year-old Ichika is a little strange, and her affection for Tomoya is rather overwhelming, if not scary. On top of things, Ichika's friend Ruri is the ultimate sadist. Then there is Ichika's big-breasted quarter-Japanese friend Marina.
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-50kg Cinderella 4.6

-50Kg Cinderella

Chapter 3: Being In Love Is High In Spirits!

16,049 Jan 26,21 Mochizuki Iku,Kouzuki Rito

Hime Saeki, a girl who is a little on the heavy side, is a college student looking for a job. At a company briefing, she gets injured and finds herself saved by an employee from the information desk, Osamu. As Osamu was almost like a prince, Hime fell in love at first sight. "I want to see him again..." To make this happen, Hime decid
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17 (SAKURAI Machiko) 5

17 (Sakurai Machiko)

Chapter 17

131,448 Jan 26,21 Sakurai Machiko

From: Shinnen It's the start of their senior year, and Shiika happens to be in the same class as a guy named Megumi. It's a mystery to her why his voice echoes through her mind.
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Second life of a Gangster 4.9

Second Life Of A Gangster

Chapter 10

110,279 Jan 26,21 Updating

Age 41, Oh Joong Seok. A man who did all kinds of misdeeds and put his life on the line for the organisation to gain the highest position. But who knew the end of his life would be so miserable… Joong Seok’s ‘virtuous living’ project starts now, one by one.
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Nomi Joshi 4.2

Nomi Joshi

Vol.3 Chapter 33: Micchan Receives Ginger

339,625 Jan 26,21 Ukatsu

From animenewsnetwork: The manga Nomu Joshi ("Drinking Girls") by Ukatsu ("Careless") debuted in the magazine Manga Club on July 4. It features three friends, all women aged 29, who get together and socialize regularly and indulge in their common passion: drinking. Michiko Takase, the office lady heroine, prefers beer; Misono Miyauchi, a short-haired, muscular book store worker, likes sake; and
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Yamitsuki 4.1


Chapter 2

67,301 Jan 26,21 Mochi Au Lait,Minoda Kaidou (MNDH)

A story abut being loved by dangerous stalker girls...
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Nina is Plotting My Death! 4.9

Nina Is Plotting My Death!

Chapter 1

10,021 Jan 26,21 Shimazaki Mujirushi,Kitora

Reiji Takahashi is a secret agent of the Interior Ministry who found a little girl during a mission. The girl Nina was trained by the mafia to be a cold-blooded killing machine. Now Reiji has been ordered to watch over Nina, and he better watch his back, too, because Nina is still out to get him! A hard-boiled child-care comedy remake from a popular SNS work.
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Pumpkin Time 4.6

Pumpkin Time

Chapter 48

165,836 Jan 26,21 Gaedarae

Boys grow up fast… The main character, Fujiwara Itsuki, quickly grew up and have now become a splendid high school girl! … Huh?! Appearing in front of her is her close friend, Ritsu, who has just come back from studying abroad and the days pass on while she continues to leave her identity undisclosed… Where will their relationship head towards after t
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Asobi Asobase 4.8

Asobi Asobase

Vol.7 Chapter 68: Reverse-Hanako

1,498,461 Jan 26,21 Suzukawa Rin

A surreal gag manga featuring beautiful girls and games! A comedy manga of bishoujo and games that will keep you laughing!
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Modern MoGal 4.7

Modern Mogal

Chapter 144: Business Opportunity

10,501,049 Jan 26,21 Shepherd0821

The daily experiences of modern monster girls.
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Kuzuna Kimi Shika Aisenai 4.1

Kuzuna Kimi Shika Aisenai

Chapter 5: What I Want Him To Say

99,062 Jan 26,21 SHIOSAKI Rina

From Ikemen Manga: Sae's been going out with the handsome and flirtatious Shun for two months already. He’s selfish and a bit naughty, always teasing her, but before she knew it... she had fallen in love with him...? A blinding love with a stubborn boyfriend! ♡
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Three Years Apart 4.9

Three Years Apart

Chapter 61: A Conversation At Home

1,057,759 Jan 26,21 Shimazaki Mujirushi

Mizuki and Kazuya, childhood friends, are 3 years apart. It's not really a so-called "Age Gap" but that makes some distance between them during their youth. From their childhoold to the present, story will be told about these two who are 3 years apart. Links:  Artist’s Pixiv:
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Roaming The Apocalypse With My Shiba Inu 4.8

Roaming The Apocalypse With My Shiba Inu

Vol.3 Chapter 28

994,130 Jan 26,21 Yuu Ishihara

Follow the fluffy travels of a female high schooler and a talking Shiba Inu across a post-apocalyptic world!
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