Oversimplified SCP 4.5

Oversimplified Scp

Chapter 138: Scp-1841

9,428,862 Aug 12,20 SCP Foundation Writers, 松(A・TYPEcorp.)

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.
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Usogui 4.6


Vol.47 Chapter 506: The Heart's Sound

9,929,907 Aug 12,20 Sako Toshio

There are gamblers out there who even bet their lives as ante. But to secure the integrity of these life-threatening gambles, a violent and powerful organization by the name of “Kagerou” referees these games as a neutral party. Follow Bak Madarame a.k.a. Usogui (The Lie Eater) as he gambles against maniacal opponents at games – such as Escape the Abandoned Building, Old Maid, and Hangman – to ulti
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Afterschool Embankment Journal 4.8

Afterschool Embankment Journal

Chapter 18: Grey Heron

197,511 Aug 12,20 Yasuyuki Kosaka

Hina Tsurugi is a first year student at a coastal high school and regards herself as an indoorsy sort of person. Walking along the embankment, she runs into an older schoolmate, Kuroiwa, who invites her to join the “Teibou” club and start fishing! Surrounded by eccentric club members, how will Hina’s high school life turn out?
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Dark Blood Age 4.1

Dark Blood Age

Chapter 21

62,005 Aug 12,20 天下飘火

A mysterious natural phenomenon caused the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The world turned into endless bloody chaos and mankind is on the brink of extinction… Chu Yun Sheng, an ordinary white-collar worker, discovered his family heirloom, a book, shining a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the book. After long research, he still on
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Idol to Otaku no Risou no Kankei 4.2

Idol To Otaku No Risou No Kankei

Vol.12 Chapter 68

602,803 Aug 11,20 noumisozoo, Sekizui Hikinuki no Kei

An otaku’s idol moves right next to him. And it’s a dream come true! But as it turns out, she’s a bit more sadistic then we expected. Are you seeing a trend here? There is no mercy. Submit to the bully girl of your dreams now. -Orchesc/a/ns Author's Twitter. Author's  Fanbox.
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Death Sweeper 4.6

Death Sweeper

Chapter 16

238,678 Aug 11,20 Kitagawa Shou

This manga is about the job of cleaning up scenes of death, and discusses the meaning of life and death. Through interactions between the deceased's family and friends with the death sweepers, we understand the meaning of death. No matter is it is a peaceful death at the ends of one's life, murder, suicide, death from illnesses, when death comes, who would be able to predict it, or prevent it? Tha
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Ijime no Jikan 3.6

Ijime No Jikan

Chapter 18: Amulet

8,869 Aug 11,20 Kuni Rou

May I never be born again Trying to throw yourself off the roof of the school A boy, Ayumu, who lived an ordinary junior high school until half a year ago. What pushed him to this point? And what is the true ending that awaits...?
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Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren'ai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta 4.7

Ore No Genjitsu Wa Ren'ai Game?? Ka To Omottara Inochigake No Game Datta

Vol.7 Chapter 33: The Secrets To The Axis Of Time 4

11,099,372 Aug 11,20 Pon Jea, Waruiotoko, Nashyu

One day, 25-year-old Hasegawa Ryou wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him. The screen prompts him to save/load files and an item shop, as well as his stats. It seems like he’s been sucked into some erotic love game, since his stats depend on seducing women and “capturing” them. After finding a target and going through game-like options, Ryou th
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Show me your Boobs 2.6

Show Me Your Boobs

Chapter 13

119,192 Aug 11,20 Love

A story about a boy who doesn't want to see the girl who wants to see his boobs.
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My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought 4.8

My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought

Vol.2 Chapter 8

351,696 Aug 11,20 Hajime Inoryuu, Shouta Itou

Urashima Eiji, a college student, goes to sleep after a fun drinking night with his friends. When he wakes up he discovers a beautiful girl next to him who treats him as if they are in a loving relationship. Later, Eiji finds out that 3 days have passed since he went out with his crew. What did he do during all that time and why does he have no memory of it? By confronting that reality, he wi
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Sword and Magic: The Waking Hero 3.4

Sword And Magic: The Waking Hero

Chapter 27

797,030 Aug 10,20 Haenok,STUDIO EEK

The battle between the Devil's god and the Dragonian warrior ends with a warrior's victory, and 10,000 years later, a new warrior opens his eyes to save the world.
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Kafka - Classics in Comics 4

Kafka - Classics In Comics

Vol.1 Chapter 9: In The Penal Colony

849 Aug 10,20 Franz Kafka

Adaptation of Franz Kafka's stories. 1. The Cares of a Family Man 2. The Metamorphosis 3. The Bucket Rider 4. Jackals and Arabs 5. A Fratricide 6. The Vulture 7. Country Doctor 8. A Hunger Artist 9. In the Penal Colony
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Capture of Relationship 4

Capture Of Relationship

Chapter 3

1,212 Aug 10,20 Meng Li

Xiacheng was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the splitting headache began to spread to his brain. There seemed to be a voice asking him: “Have you forgotten already? Think about it, XiaCheng…This is a very important thing…”; He had to go to the hospital for treatment and wanted to rely on drugs to escape the voice in his mind, but then he bumped into Shen Lin, a high-ran
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Sword and Magic 3.4

Sword And Magic

Chapter 27

47,543 Aug 10,20 Haenok x studio eek

The battle between the Devil’s god and the Dragonian warrior ends with a warrior’s victory, and 10,000 years later, a new warrior opens his eyes to save the world.
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Sekisei Inko 4.8

Sekisei Inko

Vol.5 Chapter 48: Soul

272,223 Aug 10,20 Wakui Ken

From MU: A young man, Kaneda, is inflicted with trauma-induced amnesia after discovering the body of his classmate and friend, Hiwako Shima. After being picked up from the hospital by a mysterious benefactor, he resumes school, and tries to piece together his memories of the incident. To make matters more confusing, his buried memories have manifested in the form of a surreal being, whose head is
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My Mother and Older Sister 4.6

My Mother And Older Sister

Vol.1 Chapter 4

5,053 Aug 10,20 Fuyumushi Kaiko

A girl struggles with her identity and her relationship with her sister after the death of their mother. Note: This is the full version of the story edited down and published in Bad Candy You Give Me.
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Eating Crab with a Yukionna 4.5

Eating Crab With A Yukionna

Chapter 55

3,342,348 Aug 10,20 Gino0808

A certain summer day, as the cicadas sing loudly. A man with no money and no place to belong tries to end his life, however is unable to take the last step. While wavering between life and death, he sees a gourmet food program on television, and realising he's never once eaten crab in his life decides that "For my last day on this Earth, I'll eat crab". Settings his sights o
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Housekeeper 4.8


Vol.3 Chapter 35

956,169 Aug 10,20 채용택

In the near future where Android (A.I) becomes common among humans, a virus outbreak suddenly occurred, turning over 70% humanity into zombie-like "Creatures". The A.I soon break away from their infected owners since they're not programmed to recognize "Creatures" as humans, but one of them, the housekeeper Hasty, acted otherwise when her inf
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Marika-chan to Yasashii Koi no Dorei 4.7

Marika-Chan To Yasashii Koi No Dorei

Chapter 6

36,859 Aug 10,20 Susuki Sonoichi,TOYAMA Monaka

[from cotton candy scans] “It’s because Yuu-kun is Marika’s slave!” One day, my childhood friend Marika, whom I haven’t met in 4 years suddenly appeared in front of me and said that.  What...?! Was her personality always like that? Actually, hold up. Ever since then, I intentionally put some distances between Marika and I... Yes, after she saw me doing that
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Evil Museum 3.8

Evil Museum

Chapter 5

2,580 Aug 09,20 Bing

Many creative liberties: “In a dark and obscure museum with an enigmatic collection, a group of teens, Millennials, work. Behind each piece is a chilling story of sorrow. A rubber ball retrieved from a haunted cave, a strange robot with the form of a butler, a salted pork rice from the window of a shop of murders.. What is the depth of darkness of the human condition. Come closer and I will
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Wet Moon 4.1

Wet Moon

Chapter 13

18,098 Aug 09,20 Kaneko Atsushi

The story takes place in the '60s, in a mysterious city where madness and lust seem to be the citizens' constant companions. A detective named Sada (with a "certain" wound) pursues a woman accused of murder.
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Tokyo Kaido 4.5

Tokyo Kaido

Vol.2 Chapter 13

7,023 Aug 09,20 Mochizuki Minetaro

The eccentric Dr. Tamaki is doing brain research. Hashi, 19 and a half, has a small fragment of a car that remained in his brain after an accident, and since then he can't help but say out loud everything he  thinks and feels . Hana, 21, has unexpected orgasms anytime,  anywhere,  even in public. The brain of 6 year old Mari cannot perceive the people around her,  she lives
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The Complete Works of Nekojiru 3.7

The Complete Works Of Nekojiru

Chapter 0

200 Aug 09,20 Nekojiru,Hajime Yamano

Short stories about two white cats who have no respect for others and are just plain cruel. Dark humor warning.
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